About Us

MetalWood Studio has a wholly unique take on hand-made live edge furnishings and custom designer d├ęcor. Let the expertise, prevision and imagination of our Artisans wow you with ideas and techniques in exquisite furnishings you've never seen before and can get no where else.

What Sets Us Apart

MetalWood Studio brings decades of experience fabricating high-end furniture, lighting fixtures, countertops, and more for both residential and commercial clients. From high-end homes to luxury casinos, our Artisans and Designers thrive on creating dynamic new looks and inviting atmospheres which excite the mind and beckon the soul to come in, move closer, get comfortable and enjoy.

We pride ourselves on overcoming challenges, meeting deadlines and coming in under budgets which others say cannot be done. We have a proven track record and a reputation held amongst an exclusive group of Interior Designers and Architects whose works have benefited from the unique value we bring to every project.

We want to bring underlying skills and experience behind our reputation to your project.

Get In Touch

Come by to browse our collection of finished pieces or stop by our wood market to source through our raw wood products for your next project.