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We found that our passion for working with real, specialty artisan wood has attracted a number of other people who don’t just want to buy something. They want to be involved in creating their own bespoke furnishing.

That’s why we have created The Wood Market; a place where aspiring woodworkers and artisans can come to learn more about the art of wood restoration, or buy the tools of the trade.

The process of creating and crafting your own wooden piece can be a lot of things. It can be cathartic, or it can be emotive or even spiritual. That’s why we’re happy to provide local people with whatever they will need to succeed.



We will create a custom package for you. These are not big-box store kits. These are the raw materials you will need to create something truly stunning and unique. Talk to us about exactly what you want, and we will build a package that will suit your unique needs.


We only work with local, specialty artisan wood. One look at the grain and nature’s imperfections in our pieces will show you the difference that real quality and meticulous selection can mean. We are a proud member of the Ontario Wood Program, which designates the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

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wood slabs standing upright


We are a licensed distributor for Osmo Canada, the benchmark for a renewable wood finish. Osmo has been in business since 1878 and offers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. Their natural vegetable oils penetrate deeply into the wood, while the natural waxes coat the surface for a waterproof and stain resistance finish that is safe for humans, plants and animals once dried. Osmo finishes never peels or cracks and you don’t have to sand between coats. This is a truly durable and environmentally friendly product made from 98% plant based material.

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We are also a licensed distributor for EcoPoxy, the industry’s safest epoxy solution. It’s made up of 54% plant materials, which means it’s the only epoxy on the market that’s safe enough to work with, without a respirator or mask.

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Learn from proven artisans and experts in our workshops.


We will guide you through every step of crafting bespoke furniture by showing you the fundamentals of everything from wood selection, finishing, epoxy use and repairing cracks.

Classes are currently being taught on weekends, so reserve your space by calling 705-735-3300.