Choose from one of MetalWood Studio’s many designs or inspire us to create a custom piece especially for you which suits your space, meets your specifications, fits your budget, and exceeds your expectations.

Coffee Table
Tetrix Stool
Tetrix Barstool
Kintsugi Rounds
Walnut Hexpeg Hangers
Block Table
X-Glow Coffee Table
Fusion Mirrors
TV Stand
TriMass Console Table

MetalWood Studio offers a wide selection of pieces designed and fabricated in our facility in Barrie, Canada, including but not limited to:

  • Dining/Boardroom tables, console tables, coffee tables, side and end tables
  • Tetrix Stools for bars, kitchen counters, breakfast nooks, coffee shops, workshops and more
  • Bar tops, countertops, workspaces
  • Benches
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Mirrors & picture frames
  • Coat hangers and key holders
  • Metal/Wood wall Art
  • Custom Paintings done by our talented Artist Sadie YZ.

Technique, Tradition & Story

In your search for custom furniture, you may notice a lot of talk about story. For us, it’s not MetalWood’s story or even a tree’s story that matters. It’s THE STORY; including your story…one with the tree’s and the metal’s. This is very much an aspect of Japan’s ancient Shinto traditions, later incorporated into Zen Buddhism—being one with nature. One story; you feel it as you live it.

Your MetalWood product is not just a showpiece; it’s an expression of that story. It’s what we believe custom-made furniture and décor should be: true artisans and craftspeople fusing the essence of who they are with the essence of the natural materials they’re working with, infused with the essence of their client. The result is something you don’t just look at or simply use—you feel it—and every time you do it’s magic.

One need only observe the artistry and craftsmanship of Japan, particularly working in natural materials—wood, paper, metal, clay—to know that an object made with love and reverence resonates with energy. Just hold an authentic katana sword in your hand, the metal folded hundreds of times and hammered with thousands of hits into perfection (complete with all its subtle imperfections).


Our signature technique of filling cracks and imperfections with a spectrum of epoxy—from clear to black and any colour in between, including glow-in-the-dark—was inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi: “golden mend.” Kintsukori is the art of mending broken objects with lacquer resin laced with gold or silver. It has a deeper significance beyond being a beautiful and practical method of repair:

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.”
– Barbara Bloom (artist)

Let us handcraft a custom expression of the story for the ages written in metal and wood, infused with your journey: a story so much more beautiful now that you have coloured in the cracks with your own unique meaning, purpose and style.

Finishes, Materials & Fabrication

We offer a variety of finishes from traditional natural oils applied by hand wiping or brushing, to sprayed-on applications for a more uniform and consistent finish, to clear epoxy finishes. We take the time to explain all the options to you, including the pros and cons of each, and give you our professional recommendation given your usage needs for the piece in question. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

To allow the natural beauty of each wood species to shine through, we generally advise against any kind of staining or tinting and recommend simple clear coats. In the event a particular look is specified by our client, we take special care choosing the appropriate finish to achieve the desired colours and effects, since staining natural wood is an art in itself.

Speaking of finishing as an art, at Metalwood Studio, we are epoxy resin experts. We use it for finishing, restoring, reinforcing and beautifying wood. We use clear epoxy to finish wood slabs for use in high traffic areas, providing our clients that high sheen bar counter finish—which can also be finished matte—and use similar finishes for waterproofing and increasing overall durability.

Epoxy is also perfect for repairing damaged wood, so important when it comes to transforming salvaged wood into gorgeous pieces of furniture rather than seeing it go to waste.

Our signature look and unique design language is full-spectrum epoxy resin. Using our proprietary colouring techniques and secret formulations, we can tint our epoxy to most colours creating a completely unique look that can complement the colours in your space. Yes, we are infusiastic about colour. Now you don’t have to sacrifice fun and style when going for the vintage rustic look. It’s why we say:

Colour your Infusiasm with MetalWood Studios.

When finishing metal, our preference is to keep the bare/raw metal look and simply apply a clear coat to prevent oxidation. All of our metals can be polished and/or custom painted to any colour to meet our clients’ needs and specifications.

As a member of the Ontario Wood Program, MetalWood Studio is committed to the use of locally-sourced, sustainable, native Ontario wood products.

In a world where most companies have turned to using international materials and labour to reduce costs, MetalWood Studio still takes great pride in sourcing all our materials from local Ontario and domestic Canadian suppliers whenever possible, focusing on sustainably-sourced hardwood varieties native to Ontario. All pieces are made in Canada to the highest standards of quality.

We hand pick all our solid wood slabs from accredited sources, most of which are local mills using salvaged trees. We are also able to source slabs of rarer and/or more exotic species—still salvaged—from international sources for custom projects, at the behest of our clients.

All of the metals used at our facility are Canadian sourced and made.

From Ontario throughout North America & The World

Whether your home or business is local or around the globe, MetalWood can work with you. We deliver locally in the Golden Horseshoe region, ship throughout the province of Ontario, across Canada, throughout the United States and around the Globe.