MetalWood Studio has a wholly unique take on hand-made live edge furnishings and custom designer décor. Let the expertise, precision and imagination of our Artisans wow you with ideas and techniques in bespoke furnishing you’ve never seen before and can get nowhere else.


Live on the Cutting Edge. Start with natural live-edge wood, add solid metal footings, then use proprietary techniques to infuse splashes of vibrant colour and create an electrifying new design aesthetic based on deeply rooted traditions.

Level-Up Your Space. Innovative designs like our exclusive line of Tetrix Stools bring your bar, kitchen, game room, or coffee shop to the next level of cool with practical art pieces hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality, functionality and durability to serve you and your guests for decades to come.


Colour your Infusiasm. Incorporate the look of sheik vintage rustic with a fun and exciting cool factor thanks to spectrum infusions which highlight your other décor. Get people infusiastic about your design! Or play it safe with clear or black.

Feel Really Good Vibrations. With Ontario-grown, sustainably sourced wood of the highest quality, you can give new life and renewed purpose to felled trees beyond the limits of urban or reclaimed wood.

There may be others doing metal and wood furniture,
but there’s only one MetalWood Studio.

Why MetalWood?

MetalWood Studio brings decades of experience fabricating high-end furniture, lighting fixtures, countertops, and more for both residential and commercial clients. From high-end homes to luxury casinos, our Artisans and Designers thrive on creating dynamic new looks and inviting atmospheres which excite the mind and beckon the soul to come in, move closer, get comfortable and enjoy.
We pride ourselves on overcoming challenges, meeting deadlines and coming in under budgets which others say cannot be done. We have a proven track record and a reputation held amongst an exclusive group of Interior Designers and Architects whose works have benefited from the unique value we bring to every project.

Now, with MetalWood Studio, we want to bring the underlying skills and experience behind our reputation to your project. We invite you to join the exclusive club of Interior Designers, Architects, Homeowners and Businesspeople who are bringing our fresh ideas, techniques, vitality and vibes to their spaces: metal and wood live-edge furnishings, lighting fixtures, accessories and décor, wrapped in an exciting new design language which is only going to evolve and get better over time.